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I grew slightly lightheaded at the thought of my stepmother's cooch getting soaked because of me.I wanted to just go grab her and finish her off immediately but instead I kept working as she swallowed more liquid courage. Could you come get me some more ice." "Of course." I responded in a hurry but ice was the last thing on my mind until I felt it on my fingers.Last time I had to go downtown to bail her out, she had gotten caught trying to sell a stolen TV at a pawn shop.Her counselor tells me I'm codependent because after I got her out I gave her the sixty bucks she needed for a quick fix but I can't help it.Before she walked in I already had a nice bottle of vodka and a glass of ice waiting for her. I've got a cake out in the car but I'm waiting to get you a present until you tell me what you want." I stepped close to her and she leaned in for a hug but I reached around and cupped both of her ass cheeks with my hands. You can't do that." But I could see the flirty blush that took over her face and I knew that she liked it.

I could feel her hungry eyes following me with every step, so I made sure to stretch up on my tip toes and let her have a taste of every flexed muscles as I lifted the curtain rods up over my head.

When she leaned back to take a drink, I popped open the top two buttons of her sweater and rubbed the cube up and down her cleavage.

She jolted backwards and almost spilled some booze but she caught herself, relaxed and took another sip.

My birth mom, Crystal, is anything but a model citizen.

Even to this day, she has a hard time keeping her shit together and struggles to keep a job and to stay out of rehab or jail.

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