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Many books will try and tell you how to change someone, or change yourself.This book is about embracing who you are and who the person is that you married.You have taken the plunge, and said those magic words that have connected you to someone for the rest of your life. Even though there may be a how to guide out there for everything else, this book will only help you if you are truly willing to put in the time and effort it will take.Now you are asking yourself, what exactly does this mean? Marriage is hard, which means that if a marriage lasts today, it is truly a miracle.9 Unsolicited sexts For some bizarre reason, certain blokes nowadays think sending unsolicited “selfies” is flirting. Bear in mind that if this occurred in public, you’d be labelled a sex offender.It also suggests the man has seen more porn than actual women and presumes that we’re all immediately aroused by disembodied members.

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I'll also presume you’re the kind of guy who has mouldy dinner plates under his bed.Put aside your fears of what you have heard about marriage.Every marriage is different, and you will not experience anything exactly like someone else, even if it happens to your best friend.Women shouldn’t wear too much - it looks like they have low self-esteem and that isn’t sexy.” Well, neither is bitching.And why presume we wear make-up for your sexual gratification? Another guy recently spent a whole evening telling me how every girl he dated was moany and clingy.

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