Dating infidelity statistics

The book's example scorecard includes such items as: don't take your anger out on me; do your own laundry; share the yardwork; teach each kid a sport; help plan birthday parties; don't turn every back rub into sex; stop paying ATM fees.

Under a category called "Evolve," they asked their husbands to "find a therapist" and "be honest with yourself." "You must step back from your relationship and, to the best of your ability, look at it as you would a business problem," they advise.

If you've been nagging him to shop for groceries, maybe this is an issue you can back off on -- for instance, if you can find an online service that offers home delivery.

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The image of the Christian marriage as a dutiful vehicle for procreation or, worse, as the institution where sex goes to die, is obviously a bum rap. He spoke at 44 conferences last year, mostly in churches, offering seminars on building happy, healthy sexual relationships as an alternative to pornography and infidelity."We did it first by identifying the areas that needed improvement and defining our expectations, and then by giving our partners specific tasks and determining the necessary measurements to hold them accountable for improvement.It may sound cold and rigorous and corporate, but it was all we had to fall back on." Write down your issues and prioritize, they suggest.Which is no great surprise," write the authors of a new book called The Scorecard: How to Fix Your Man in One Year or Less. The authors don't talk about how they finally met, but once they did, and compared notes, they saw so many parallels it occurred to them that other wives must be just as frustrated and miserable."It was second nature for us to clean up their messes; at this point we couldn't even depend on them to know how to get dumped without our help." Julie Bell and Donna Brown share uncannily similar stories of marital wrack and ruin. Each wanted specific changes to her husband's behaviour.

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