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In fact, it caused a minor diplomatic incident, with then prime minister Tony Blair calling it an “affront” to British sailors, and Bill Clinton writing a letter of apology for the movie’s inaccuracy.

This time, Ayer was determined to make his story as truthful as possible.

We all know the story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie falling in love on the set of Mr. Smith while he was technically still married to Jennifer Aniston, and Le Ann Rimes's relationship with Eddie Cibrian involved infidelity on both sides.Ayer is a military veteran himself, having joined the US Navy when he was 18 and served for two years in a nuclear submarine.That experience inspired him to write his first screenplay, U-571, a film that was attacked in Britain for suggesting that the German Enigma coding machine was captured by an American submarine crew.“These guys did it in such a way that we felt able to lend a very delicate vehicle, and they went to extraordinary lengths to accommodate it on set.” For the scenes of battling tanks, which are some of the movie’s most visceral, a replica Tiger was built, cut from steel a quarter-inch thick and placed on a smaller tank base, with the wheels and tracks added in post-production.The Sherman M4E8, a late-war model with a high velocity 76mm gun, was another Bovington find.

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