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I haven't used it for a long time but when I can still receive texts and calls though when I tried to reload the server says that my number doesn't exist - 0219600836 cel number:09258359280 please send my billing thru my email address for quick payment of bills... my sun cellular sim keep on saying that there is problem with my account , maybe it is because i did not use it for already 2 years , i want to reactivate it and i dont know how to . Hay good day , regarding to the promos that I use , I load my cellphone P15, and I send that to UTA15 TO 247, but I can't register, it reply me that to subscribe blackberry service please text your keyword to 386, please help to register ..... Would like to follow up the Samsung tab 3V included in your promo 599, already one month and the tab is not yet available? He is very arrogant and do not know how to assist customers properly. may exisitng load po ako register last Feb.05 TU200, kanina nakakareceive pa po ako ng message ngayon po totally wala na. It's been more than a month now and I am currently abroad. We recently applied new postpaid sun plan last sept 13 at marquee mall clark, angeles under the name of vince edward flores with acct no. Please reply as soon as possilbe.pacheck naman sim ko di ako nakaka-send 1 week na pero nakakatanggap ako ng messages at tawag at nakakatawag din ako . Nireset ko na din phon eko nilipat ko na din ng ibang phone pero ganun pa din please check ito # ko 09231780649Baket po hindi ako makapag Text or call? I asked for a sim replacement and activation for one of my subscriptions.Father Amorth said that sex abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Church were proof that “the Devil is at work inside the Vatican”.

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Paki-ayos naman yung signal site ng prepaid and postpaid subcribers. at hindi kau nag notice ns may sira site naun, kanina pa kami natawag sa hotline ninyo pero walang sumsagot!! Even your customer Service hot line, I'm waiting for somebody to answer my call. I try calling my friends number for me to know if this is an error for the whole sun subscribers but their sim was working. I wasn't able to use it for 4 months and I think it has been deactivated. It will be highly appreciated if you could activate it again. The Management, When you dial 200 or 888 there is an answering machine that will reply to you saying check your number and dial again. Your immediate action regarding this matter will be certainly appreciated. the mobile number is 09336018112,hello good evening my retailer sun sim card is sim rejected i bought it on august 9,2015 then in august 20,2015 i load it worth 800 but this morning august 22, the sim is rejected!!! So i buy a globe sim card and there's a signal, it means that my asus phone is not the problem its my sun sim card. And also every time I reload it doesn't recieve a load, they replied was "Subscriber not exist" what does it means? before it happen i am so much satisfied about my connection but these fast few days i am having trouble with it.

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To serve you better, whatever your problems or concerns with Sun Cellular, you can contact Sun Cellular Customer Service Hotline Numbers below. When posting comments, strictly observe correct spelling. From davao city Hi Good Day,, Please help me where can I reload a Load wallet for my Retailer Sim Number 09438005171-I purchased my retailer sim in Pacific Mall Mandaue City Cebu But When the Sun Cellular re-blocking by 2 times I never reload it again even in RC Goldlines dealer. I would like to ask if how can you help me about double loading. my number 09322880707 SALAMATGood day Sir/Ma'am, Please activate my mobile internet. I requested NET and send to 2300 but I did not receive any confirmation. Thank you very there a problem at your cell sites or signal? I can accept text from my friends but they can't call me. its been 5days you guys haven't activate my broadband , i bought it last monday in SM Megamall, what kind of service are you offering guys? I want to inquire if how much will I pay if I want to cut off my Wi Fi plan. We were told at marquee mall that we just wait for 24-48 hrs for activation but still it's been 3 days and we have no network yet.

Avoid incomplete words such as TY (as Thank You), Pls as Please, gud as good, dpt as dapat, etc. If you will not follow this simple instruction, your comment(s) will not be accepted or published. I am a retailer sim holder and someone buy me a load of TU200 i was able to send it but how come the confirmation was double with different transaction number. because i cant use my data connection since yesterday , dated December 8, 2016. Good Evening, Puede po bang magpa reactivate ng Sim ko, 09238962656, matagal ko na rin gamit ito, dami kong naipon na load, at naubos/nawala ang load, tas bigla na lang ala ng signal, puede po bang mapareactivate uli ito? Thank you very much...pwede po bang paki email na lang yung bill ko kasi palaging late yung bill ko, ang problem pa bayad na dipa magamit yung service until now almost one week na akong bayad hanggang ngaun wala pa ring service eto po mobile number ko 09258859068 postpaid po ito. i tried to call your hotline but there's no operator to talk to. 09258868621 looking forward to your immediate response to this matter. Hello sir/mam im the one get bundle plan worth of 599 on February 17, 2016 they told me that the activation is 24hrs but my plan still not activate please can you help me to activate my plan mobile because until now i can't use my mobile...i already talk to the customer service thrice that i wait for another 48 hours.kind of service is this..girl said to me because no available for me... , i expect this broadband would be activated after 24 to 48hrs, tried to call your customer service hotline but unfortunately its always busy! Please send your reply to my Facebook account [email protected] Hope for speedy service of sun .i paid my postpaid plan with accnt. 0180427392 last 07September2015 at pm intended for my mobile number 09255113460 with total amount of P900.00 to reconnect my line but as of now it is totally DISCONNECTED, three days had passed i cannot use my postpaid plan, pls sun help cellular employee. Hello sir/mam im the one get cellphone plan worth of 499 on sept 8,2015 they told me that the activation is 24hrs but my plan still not activate pls can u help mo to be activate my plan mobile bcoz until now i cant use my mobile..answer me Hi i cant seem to make outgoing calls from my sun prepay sim card but i still can receive incoming calls and text.

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