Guy dating chinese girl

Russian girls often date Chinese men for this reason (when they are shagging black guys on the side).

I don't think the sex could be very good, in that instance. Still, he may well have a "good lick" in Chinese so maybe OK.

I have recently began dating a very sweet Chinese guy.

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Why is a Chinese guy with a foreign girl better than a Chinese girl with a foreign guy? I imagine you get reeeeaaaally hot and bothered when you see a Chinese girl going with a laowai. How many foreign women ( make that white-skinned ladies) are looking for a Chinese man?

Any which way, it's nice if you believe that those predatory Chinese women are taking advantage of all the innocent foreign guys. Anyway, thanks for being on our side - it's great to know that we have your support when we are again forced to encounter the hordes of Chinese women throwing themselves at us.

Chinese guys are so paranoid about where their chicks are all the time calling them and texting them.

I tried to tell him that I thought it was too much and he go very sore about it.

Finally, after two weeks of a lot of hand holding, long conversation and barely no kisses, he wanted me to meet his parents.

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