I am a christian dating a non christian method of relative dating

With the gender imbalance, some look to marrying non-Christians in order to have love and family.They point out that character is more important and that there is no guarantee of good relationships just because of marrying a Christian.I think it would bring hardship and so I feel it would be better to be single.''I would rather marry a strong Christian so that we could support and encourage each other in our faith.I personally know of two men who married non-Christians, their wives are now both Christians too, so I wouldn't say I think marrying a non-Christian is always wrong.''Sincerely hope I remain true to my reply.

Your biblical worldview is right on such matters as well.

I get more attention from non-Christians, I only hope I am not led into temptation to be with someone who doesn't share my faith, however sympathetic they are.''It's difficult, I find a lot of single women in the church are overly timid, have no real idea who they are and aren't the kind of strong woman I would like to be with.

I meet far more of these people outside of the church, so it does make it difficult.

Many respondents applied their understanding of the Bible – which is supported by experience of dating and marriage with subsequent divorce with non-Christians – to say they would never marry a non-Christian.

Some women, in particular, find it very hard that there are not enough Christian husbands for the Christian women.

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