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In the segment, two kids are taken by Mickey Mouse into the Disney Vault. " (a reference to a broken deal between the Henson and Disney companies circa 1990).

While there, the children unearth a number of the company's dirty secrets, including a bound and gagged Jim Henson and Kermit. In an October 2006 cartoon by Robert Smigel, President ch displays a pair of political attack ads the Republicans will use against the Democrats during the upcoming midterm elections.

An image of Scred and Gilda Radner from The Land of Gorch appeared when the Muppets explained that they had appeared on SNL since the beginning.

The Jason Segel Muppet is seen during one of the bumper stills. and Florence Welch (from Florence The Machine) also made several cameo appearances during the show and closed the show in the goodnights, where some of the puppeteers were exposed.

Elmo said he liked the nice man, but still won't let inspectors inside his chemical weapons plant." In a 2001 "Saturday TV Fun House" segment, which parodies the retool of Emeril Lagasse's short-lived NBC sitcom Emeril. That's a nature rider, I mean he got his pick of the Chicken Dance Elmos in any town. An environment of emotional maturity." When Justin Timberlake hosted the show in 2003, he attempted to fulfill a life-long dream - singing with Kermit the Frog.

Jim Henson's Muppets were regular performers in the first season of Saturday Night Live (1975-76).

The characters, which were specifically created for the show, appeared in The Land of Gorch segments.

October 6, 2012 (Daniel Craig / Muse) - Big Bird (Caroll Spinney) briefly appeared on Weekend Update with Seth Meyers in response to Mitt Romney's controversial comment made in the presidential debate. Henson/Mumford & Sons) - The Sesame Street Muppets (Count von Count, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Bert, a Honker, Big Bird, Snuffy, Murray Monster, the Two-Headed Monster and Abby Cadabby) appear in a sketch with Henson playing her Empire character Cookie Lyon as a guest star on the show.

During the time when the Muppets were still appearing regularly on SNL, Chevy Chase stood in one night when they weren't available.

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