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Anti-particles are totally the hot potatoes of particle physics.Physicist: Yes, but they don’t fix problems the way the complex numbers do.The real numbers can be built from “1” and then seeing what you can get from any combination of adds, multiplies, etc. Complex numbers can be built the same way, starting with “1” and “i”. i, j, and k all do basically the same thing that i does in complex numbers; .In addition, ij=k, jk=i, ki=j, and if you flip the order you flip the sign, so ji=-k.You can tell mathematicians think it’s important, they don’t call just anything the “fundamental theorem of whatever”.Finally, here’s the answer, there are a lot of (infinite) number-systems bigger than the complex numbers that contain the complex numbers in the same way that complex numbers contain the real numbers. The smallest number system that’s bigger than the complex numbers is the “quaternions”.In many ways the Moon is a geologic Rosetta stone: an airless, waterless body untouched by erosion, containing clues to events that occurred in the early years of the solar system, which have revealed some of the details regarding its origin and providing new insight about the evolution of Earth.

Data from a variety of experiments have revealed much about the Moon's deep interior.

As it turns out, the Moon is truly a whole new world, with rocks and surface features that provide a record of events that occurred during the first billion years of the solar system.

This record is not preserved on Earth because all rocks formed during the first 800 million years of Earth's history were recycled back into the interior.

While the “anti-” of anti-matter may seem to give it an air of mystery, it still acts just like ordinary matter in essentially every respect. Famously, when you bring matter and anti-matter together they annihilate.

All of their combined mass is converted into buckets of energy in an amount dictated by Einstein’s little-known equation, E=mc.

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