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Other fans poked fun at Simmons' desire to protect and trademark anything and everything associated with the band, most recently attempting to trademark what has long been used as the 'I love you' sign in American Sign Language, when it's deployed in the context of live entertainment performances and appearances.'Now Gene will sue because they stole his name,' Facebook user Jessica Sparks wrote, while Fred 'Shane Hartzell' Wink noted, 'The calf better lawyer up.''Hey Gene,' Dave Randall asked, 'You marketing cows now..??? 'Obviously, we can't serve this fine specimen,' tourism officials said in their Facebook post.' At least one fan took umbrage at the comparison, though.'Not even close!! (The mediation hearing apparently wound up being rescheduled—probably for the best.)But we decided to look back to see how the onetime lovers turned into a couple of haters: Sept.19, 2000: Etheridge and Julie Cypher, who famously had two kids together with the help of David Crosby's sperm, announce they are separating after more than a decade together.Renée Zellweger is keeping it cool in the New York heat.The 48-year-old actress was spotted out with her rocker boyfriend Doyle Bramhall II, also 48, in the city Tuesday morning on a casual walk.FROM PEN: Renée Zellweger: The Real Reason She Took a Break From Acting The actress previously gushed about her boyfriend, telling PEOPLE in 2015 that she was smitten with Bramhall.

July 13, 2010: A judge shoots down Michaels' demand for ,000 in child support and legal fees.

Etheridge's lawyer says the singer was paying her ex ,000 a month plus household expenses.

Jan 18, 2011: Several months after they attend the Emmys together, Etheridge reveals she's in a "committed relationship" with creator Linda Wallem.

-worthy surroundings, having twins and building a life together.

Today, two years after their breakup, the sparring exes were supposed to be back in court to talk custody issues, capping a week of nasty back-and-forth allegations.

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