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W W Greener was a member of the second-generation family which had been involved with gunmaking from 1829 to the present day.

Today the company still makes the finest sporting shotguns and rifles in its Midlands workshops. After serving his apprenticeship with John Gardner in Newcastle upon Tyne he worked for Joe Manton, probably the best English gunmaker in the early 1800s.

After William’s death in 1869 his second son, William Wellington Greener, continued the family tradition of making high-quality sporting and military guns, and his inventions helped to develop the breach-loader to make it the modern sporting gun we know today.

Amongst the projects they undertook for Holland and Holland was a 10 bore double barrel percussion shotgun to celebrate their 135th anniversary, also Royal and Dominion sidelocks.

Independently, Tandy was also building actions and part actions for P. Nelson and designing a round body self opening single trigger sidelock for Westley Richards in 12 and 20 bore.

This design was chosen as the company was making ‘best’ guns again and the lock plates provided a large area for some very special chiselled relief engraving of St George - it would be the link between the previous ‘Show Gun’, a Unique ejector ‘St George’ shotgun, made by Harry Greener in 1907, to the very best Presentation quality guns that company was now making.

Finished in 1992 and engraved by Alan and Paul Brown this gun lead to many orders being placed in the years that followed. In 1985, David Dryhurst, Graham Greener and Richard Tandy became part owners of W W Greener.

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