White men black women dating nyc

Most black women cannot seem to understand that children decrease their value in the dating market, they are the only group of individuals who believe that their market value remains the same or increases with each child they give birth to.To be honest I have come across many more black single mothers advertising themselves to black men on social media as well as other platforms.This is 2017, times are now changing, more black men are waking up and realising that they can do much better for themselves as opposed to settling for cranky, miserable, argumentative, violent, unruly, belligerent, coarse and masculine looking black females.Thinking black men, be very aware of the black witch and the many Kansas City shuffles she will launch in the up and coming months and years trying her best to trap you into providing for her financially.We also told you not to fall for this trick and to be very aware of some black women all of a sudden becoming nice, ultra friendly towards you and offering up very easy sex.Look at the above comments and note the difference in approach, at least Patience Jeffress had the common sense to approach the situation in a humble manner, however there is no doubt in my mind that before this she was far from humble, much like Miss Kat Cleaver below her who seems to believe that she still holds the same level of value she had when she was childless.With just under a month remaining until massive welfare cuts go into place, I see that many black women especially single mothers are now taking it upon themselves to advertise the fact that they are available.Many brothers including myself warned you thinking black men at the beginning of this year that this would be one of the various deceptive strategies many black women would employ in their attempts to curtail the inevitable shortfall of money that they would suffer.

However when it comes to the same high quality men in black society, the complete opposite is the case, they are the least sort after in fact they are commonly rejected by black women and black society as a whole.Understand that the pro black simp is the black woman’s last bastion of hope, hence why she is now rallying the troops in a last-ditch effort to shame us free thinking black soldiers back into slavery as well as to guilt trip those black men already in chains and shackles into keeping them on instead of removing the irons and liberating themselves.Finally, please take a look at this Facebook post and the corresponding comments: I’m eternally grateful that the majority of black females are dumber than a box of rocks in that they continue to tell on themselves and prove thinking black men right day after day. Yes the world is a dark and ugly place filled with RACISM but here at Black Racism doesnt exits, we LOVE all pussy! You must be 21 to enter our network, parents its not our job to wipe your kids ass! Welcome to the dark world of Big Black Dicks and the women who LOVE them!

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